Our Operations

We Source

With our solid portfolio of renowned international brands, we continue to import an assorted range of FMCG from around the globe; we source from countries within Europe, Africa, and North America. Heretofore, our dedicated supply chain and logistics team ensure timely and safe attainment of imports.

We Store

Near East Distribution and Marketing Ltd. operates four state-of-the-art logistics and warehousing facilities covering an area of ___m2, ranging from normal to refrigerated, with a capacity of about ___ pallets. Our warehouses are temperature controlled as per regulation, pedantically maintained and monitored with multifaceted systems to offer ideal conditions of storage. Hereupon, we fully accommodate your products by constantly upgrading our infrastructure, through the introduction of the latest technologies in supply chain Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

We Distribute

Our fleet of delivery trucks travels an average of km daily to securely deliver requested products to our clients. Our distribution team has an outstanding success record of delivering 100% orders, servicing around customers daily. Our stern adherence to precise conditions ensures timely delivery of products across all channels.

We Promote

At NEDM, we apprehend that added value is crucial to our partners-suppliers business; ergo, we operate innovatively and create effective promotions to set them apart from rivalry. We take pride in successful marketing through targeting clients effectively, building brand awareness, growing sales, and establishing loyalty, on the long-run. From in-store promotions to large-scale campaigns, we work in collaboration with our partner’s marketing teams to preserve their product’s presence at the forefront of success.

We Expand

At NEDM, we realize that we’re in a dynamic growing business of FMCG. Hence, we continuously utilize our vigorous knowledge and expertise in the Palestinian market to launch brands with a competitive and speed-to-market advantage.